Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hi guys!

Hi guys! I am looking to explore the city. Love checking out films at the Carleton by just picking one upon arrival which can be 'hit or miss' but mostly something good comes out of the viewing. Want to hang out?

Fall is my favourite season. Lets go to the lake, any lake...don't get out of the city as much as I would like. My ideal romantic evening is to be curled up together in a canoe with some vino, talking about life's bigger questions...and then. Okay you can use your imagination here!

Its a bit chilly for a Canadian autumn unless you can give me an idea of how you can keep me warm in that canoe :) Okay stop! I don't even know your name.

I can't really give you a shortlist of what I am looking for...I won't know until I see you. Someone who is creative, loves dogs and travel with a good heart and sense of humour is a start though :) Okay I guess I do have a shortlist. ;)

People say I have a sense of humour I am oblivious to. If, as the new Bon Jovi song says "you want to make a memory" send a smile...isn't that all we have in life..a compilation of memories that become 'the puzzle' we call LIFE.

Looking forward to hearing from you.